What is wrong with newsjacking and what can be done?

Newsjacking​ means inserting commentary into a news story and tapping into the short­ term interest for your own benefit. This technique can work extremely well to market many types of businesses, but personal injury attorneys walk a very thin line with it. There are 3 core issues for attorneys trying it on their own: content, publication, and scope. Accident Data Center has emerged as an important ​content curation​ platform that solves these issues and offers a robust, ethical opportunity for … [Read more…]

Advantages for Lawyers Using the Cloud

By Michael Ehline – In the old days, lawyers hunted and pecked on ink ribbon manual typewriters, and had plenty of whit out on hand. One really bad paper, and you had to start over from scratch. There was no copy and paste, there was no “save as” feature. Technology, in particular developments in word processor software, have hurdled lawyers light years ahead. Yet, compliance with regulations, laws and the complexities of modern court rules, for example, take many of the advantages we thought we … [Read more…]

Survey: What Do Negligence Lawyers Think Their Clients Want Most?

By injury lawyer, Anthony Castelli – Recently I asked a question of injury lawyers about what was it that their clients wanted from them besides results. Of course for people wrongfully injured by the fault of another a bodily injury attorney’s mission is to make their client whole by getting them full and fair money damages.  That is by putting as much money in the injury victim’s hands as possible whether this is by settlement, lawsuit or a full blown jury trial.   People Hurting Want … [Read more…]

Resolving Writer’s Block

What happens when you’ve feel you’ve ran yourself dry when it comes to fresh and good content to present on your various blogs, sites, and social networks? We’ve all hit this brick wall once or twice in our SEO careers. Some firms post upwards of 2-3 times in a day. How do you keep the new, fresh topics popping up in your head? Sure you can look in the news headlines and pick a few of them from there and through in your thoughts and comments on the situation, but that will only take you so … [Read more…]

Website Marketing – Beyond the Links

Over the last several months, I have seen many Google+ posts, blogs and a few Google Hangout discussions by Michael Ehline and other members of The Circle of Legal Trust dealing with how to improve your results “post Penguin”.  Clearly, Penguin (and Panda before it) impacted a number of legitimate law firm websites that had attempted to play by the rules.  While this remains a very important issue, I believe it is worthwhile to take a step back and concentrate on some basics.  I have tried to … [Read more…]

Understanding LSI Writing Is Crucial For Legal Web Sites ….

By attorney Jon Rosenfeld. It wasn’t too long ago that Google algorithms rewarded junk collectors — those who could cram as many repetitive and worthless sets of key words into their web pages. Regardless of how meaningless and poorly worded your page was, if you had enough repetition of a key phrase, you could successfully beat out your competitors. As a competitive and hard-working bunch, lawyers were some of the biggest gatherers of these over-used search phrases as they recognized that … [Read more…]

Employers Craft Your Social Media Policy or Risk Disaster

Your business reputation on the internet is critical. What goes out over the internet on facebook, twitter, blogs or other social media can reflect positively or negatively on your business. You know your employees are on the internet facebooking, twittering and whatever else.  The list of social media is endless.  This article will focus on how you can control your employees comments about you with out running afoul of the law.   Why Control Your Employees With A  Social  Media … [Read more…]

Sharing Your Knowledge

By: Andre van Wyk – The original title of this post was actually about “Guest Posting”, but we have decided to move away from that terminology altogether! Why? Because the majority of people use so called guest posting as an article marketing tool, which when you think about it, that is all it is and all it will ever be – assuming you are providing guest posts simply to get that link back to your site. So lets coin a new phrase – “Sharing your Knowledge”, and as a professional, educated, … [Read more…]

Good Practice Content Formatting

Good Practice Content Formatting As we all know, Google is putting an increasing focus on content quality, value and variety in its constantly-evolving search engine algorithm. It’s now more important than ever that the content you create is as good as it can be for both users and the search engine bots. There are a number of tricks which can be used in order to improve the effectiveness of your articles for both the reader and Google, thus improving your authority, increasing chances of … [Read more…]