Lawyers are at Particular Risk To Get Nailed for Lifting Images

Have you hired an SEO company and now find yourself in receipt of a shakedown letter from a lawyer demanding money because one of his images are on your website? You’re not alone. There is tell of certain lawyers finding images being routinely used on many sites going to the U.S. copyright office and then purchasing the rights of the images. Many of these images are being used on royalty free sites. If one happens upon a lawyer’s website, he is one of the few people who likely will pay more if … [Read more…]

Google To Pay Up to $1 Million Bucks for Your Legal Costs?

YouTube is offering to protect some creators by paying up to $1 million in legal costs due to questionable Digital Mellennium Copyright Act (DMCA) notices. The U.S. copyright law DMCA is used for protecting copyrighted works that include online videos and because of the content on YouTube and the ease that copyrighted material can be edited and then used in videos the social media video site is hit with more than its fair share of DMCA takedown notices. In some cases these notices are for full … [Read more…]

The Begining of the End for Defamatory Content Protections Online?

Finally some relief for you lawyers bound by ethical guidelines that are possibly preventing you from commenting on defamatory or negative reviews about you or your law firm online? Just maybe, but not in the U.S., at least not yet. Yesterday’s ruling by the European Court of Human Rights in holding a European web host liable for users comments may have an impact on online discussion platforms like Yelp!, Rip Off Report and even Google Plus! The case of Delfi AS v. Estonia proved the Estonian … [Read more…]

Google Hit by Porn Companies with Thousands of Takedown Notices

By Michael Ehline: Many personal injury attorneys online have been going through this. Prior to Panda and Penguin, Venice, etc., sites that had scraped us and linked to us counted as a link, and helped us rank. After that, our choices were to kill our crusty old url, and start over, or try and get copy taken down. Some lawyers and business owners did DMCA takedowns, link disavowals, and still tried to get those elusive, “good links” simultaneously.  So here is a story about the DMCA that will … [Read more…]

Fixing Duplicate Content—Search Engine Optimization Tips

By Michael P. Ehline, Esq. – As an attorney, you already should have a basic understanding of copyright law. As a member of the Circle of Legal Trust, you probably already know how duplicate content on crappy sites can dilute your brand and hurt your rankings. But I wanted to do a treatise on this issue for the lawyers who don’t quite get it, so here goes. Search engine optimization is important and this is a tip that can make a huge difference in rankings, since duplicate content is not … [Read more…]

DMCA Takedowns Used By Jealous Competitors to Destroy Your Website?

By attorney Michael P. Ehline. In our last Google Video Hangout, we discussed Jim Loxley’s article on using the DMCA to get rid of bad links. Sort of a link disavow tool of sorts. But there is more that has come to light since then, with respect to Google and the DMCA. Google has been a little quieter than normal in the latest announcement of its latest update, in a way that was not so obvious with respect to the new addition to Google’s search quality signals. The new factor is the DMCA … [Read more…]

DMCA Takedown A Substitute For a Link Disavow Tool? | Tutorial

How to Issue a DMCA Takedown Notice (For When People Steal Your Content) By Jim Loxley of My Compensation: This is the first of what I hope to be a regular contribution to the Legal Circle of Trust. In this document, I will be discussing a potential work around if you are freaked out hoping for that Google Link Disavow Tool everyone is waiting for. But first, I’m pleased to have been initiated into the Circle of Legal Trust, as I work as an editor for a legal reach company in the UK, and it’s … [Read more…]