EU Slaps Google with More Antitrust Allegations

EU Slaps Google with More Antitrust Allegations A Precedent for the US? Google’s been under a lot of heat lately. EU regulators accuse the web giant of being a monopoly. Considering its explosive growth, it makes total sense. Furthermore, the company actively used its power to swat down competitors. The situation seems to be accelerating. Google faces more and more criticism. Google is unable to adequately explain its actions to EU regulators. Seeking Alpha reported on the … [Read more…]

Google Lawyers Up Over Extensive Probe

Faces Massive Legal Scrutiny Europe mired Google in a years-long struggle over anti-trust accusations. EU regulators allege the web giant uses its influence to route money and traffic its way. Its parent company, Alphabet, is already on the hook for $2.7 billion in fines. Now the internet giant fights back. It hired a number of high powered attorneys to take on the EU. Seeking Alpha had a good piece about the situation. Reuters also covered the unfolding fight. Google hired within … [Read more…]

Fight Between EU and Google Just Warming Up

Regulators Aim for Google’s Heart The fight between the European Union and Google is just starting. The two entities will not give up. EU regulators are fast on Google’s trail for allegedly using its influence to manipulate many aspects of tech. The EU considers the web giant a monopoly. Google faces a number of anti-trust cases and suits. All of these are of incredible concern for Americans watching. The fallout likely creates a precedent for American courts and regulators. All of this … [Read more…]

Tech Lobbying Money a Troubling Trend

Google, Apple, Facebook Each in Washington The tech companies are coming. It was Microsoft in the 1990s. Now it’s Facebook, Apple, and Google. Each one jockeys for position in DC. The lobbying efforts are startling. Startling not just in their topic but their depth. Each company has their fingers in the pockets of politicians from each party. They won’t stop until they get what they want. There are several pieces that may save consumers. One is that some of their requests are contradicting. … [Read more…]

Legal Branding and Notoriety Just Got Easier for Attorneys!

The legal profession is more competitive than ever and, in today’s competitive legal marketplace, law firms need to build a recognizable brand identity and maintain a positive professional reputation to stay competitive. That’s why it is vitally important for your law firm to have an efficient and cost effective method for keeping the world informed about your expertise and your ability to produce results for your clients. That’s where NEWSLINE360 comes in. NEWSLINE360 is a ground-breaking … [Read more…]

To Hire an Employee for the Law Firm OR Not? That is the Question

Clearly the Reagan era is over. Ideas like meritorious raises based upon performance, and free markets appear to have fallen into disfavor by many Millennials. This leaves hardworking lawyers being forced to turn to technology, rather than be left with an “entitlement mentality” employee. None the less, hiring an employee is often one of the first steps a law firm makes and sometimes there is no way around this painful necessity. Outside of the initial partners, the need for secretaries, … [Read more…]

Google Trends and Online Traffic

The days have passed when attorneys could largely avoid using the internet to recruit new clients. Many, both those entering into the field, and those established, are now finding every aspect of an online strategy moving back to more of an offline strategy vital to their survival. Being able to place your site at the top of Google in your area used to be the most important part of attracting attention for attorneys doing well online. But the game has changed. Google gas created an environment … [Read more…]

How to Prepare For the Real Time Penguin Algorithm

The author’s views are entirely his or her own and may not reflect the views of Cirlce of Legal Trust. The Penguin algorithm update[1] originally rolled out back in 2012 and was designed to target web spam.  This meant that website owners using questionable link tactics to game search engines saw their rankings plummet.  In theory, those who had been using white hat SEO link tactics should have seen an increase in rankings.  There have been a lot of updates to Penguin since its release. … [Read more…]

Google Can Infer You Have State Bar Complaints When You Don’t?

Here is a topic that is near and dear to me. Conrad Saam spotted this, and I am gonna let him quarterback me and be your wide receiver, and hopefully score a touchdown here.But first, like all good lawyers, let me lay the proper foundation. It was not too long ago I received a scathing [false] review on Rip Off Report that my firm was impersonating a “U.S. Patent Office.” Eventually the reviewer phoned me and was giving me a piece of his mind demanding his money back, etc. I was obviously not … [Read more…]

Steps Attorneys Should Take To Assure a Good Web Host

Building and keeping a well-oiled website should seem like a no-brainer for any attorney in the twenty-first century. However, there are many aspects of creating and maintaining such a site that are not commonly considered. In fact, there are many cases in which attorneys are completely bewildered by the steps needed to have their own site. Hopefully the tips below can make the process less of a puzzle. I’m a former webmaster and have used by skills to save my firm thousands of dollars and help … [Read more…]