How To Know What Your Rights Are When A Plane Crashes

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Auto Accident Case ValueAs noted in the above video, if someone you loved has died or got severely injured in a plane crash, you must be looking for some way to find justice. There are rarely any survivors in plane crashes and almost every plane crash ends up with everyone on the plane dead. There can be hundreds and thousands of reasons for a plane crash and you as a person sitting at home or working at the office might never know the real reason behind a downing. This is the scenario that makes these cases extremely difficult. However, there are still lawyers out there who can help you with these situations.

Why the “Plane Crash Case” Is So Difficult?

Any case can become a difficult case when the real offender or at-fault party is obscured. When a plane crashes there could be hundreds of contributing factors to the accident. Negligence of the pilot is one and same carelessness from the airline traffic controllers is another. But these are not the only reasons of a catastrophe. A plane could crash due to some defect in its design or defective parts in its engine. An airline could be blamed for the negligence of the pilot if the pilot is known for being under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

The recruiting airline must always have strict tests to ensure that its pilots are following the codes and guidelines of flying a plane. It has also been noticed that some pilots have to fly aircraft like helicopters, and even experimental aircraft such as VSTOL or VTOL craft, without getting enough rest between their shifts. However, all these factors are extremely difficult to prove when the platform and structures have crashed, been burned, scattered, mangled and even lost. Of course, there are also no witnesses usually, since most of the time, all the people aboard have died. When you look at an aircraft as a whole, there could be more than dozen companies involved in the manufacturing of various parts installed.

Lastly, there is an instance in which the plane is hijacked by the hijackers. Only an experienced attorney can help you best with your case. If you are living in US you can easily find a law firm with experienced attorneys who can help you with your plane crash case.

An Example Of Recent Airplane Mishap

The recent disappearance of AirAsia flight QZ8501 is another instance where an airplane completely disappeared, leaving people in awe and intrigue as to what actually would have happened to the plane. It is said that the pilot was requesting to go on a very rare and peculiar route just before the plane lost contact and disappeared. This could be a possible hijack since hijackers often force pilots to take a certain course in the air and reach their desired destination. To this day, no one knows what happened to flight QZ8501 and officials of the airline can only be seen apologizing for the loss.

What really made people feel awkward about this particular case is that just in March of 2014 an airplane of Malaysian Airlines had disappeared and a few days after this incident the magazine of AirAsia said something that sounded like a pun on the missing flight’s airline. The magazine stated that AirAsia trains its pilots so strictly that they can never “lose” a plane. However, the CEO had to apologize and clarify that the magazine had already gone through the printing stage when the Malaysian Airline’s flight disappeared.

How To Hire An Attorney In This Scenario

First, look for the most reputable law firms in your area and the most experienced lawyers to stand for you in this case. As mentioned above, these cases can be extremely difficult to prove. Not to mention, you don’t have any information about the last minutes of the transmission between the plane and the control tower and you are standing against a huge conglomerate. Go for law firms that have their own aviation attorneys who know the procedures to collect evidences in aviation cases and know how investigation is conducted in these cases.

These attorneys also have access to the records of government agencies that are investigating these cases.  Always make sure to visit the website of the law firm and see if the firm has already been handling any plane crash cases. Cases involving lost luggage and other similar small cases are not good enough to prove that a lawyer would be able to go much distance in the plane crash case.

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