Jim Loxley


A image of Jim Loxley from My Compensation, a London-based claims specialist

Jim Loxley of My Compensation

Jim Loxley is a contributor to The Legal Circle of Trust and a director for UK-based legal marketing firm, My Compensation. The company is set up to help people who have suffered personal injury in a car accident or other scenarios, helping them make contact with the best possible legal representation for their particular type of case. He works closely with lawyers and other legal professionals for some of the most respected and established firms in the UK. Jim is responsible for the much of the search marketing and all of the content creation of the company and will be making contributions to The Circle on an ongoing basis.

About My Compensation

In United Kingdom, legal marketing works little differently than in the US and a number of companies are set up in order to provide properly vetted cases to personal injury and auto accident lawyers. My Compensation is one such company. The difference between this firm and other businesses that may be similar in some ways is that My Compensation was built around a cornerstone of conscientiousness with heavy focus on the client. There’s been some controversy over the past few years in the UK to attempt a similar job but which had not been operating within the guidelines outlined by the UK’s Ministry of Justice. My Compensation enjoys a healthy working relationship all involved parties and strives ever further to ensure that the team is helping people through these difficult circumstances and that clients get looked after due care and attention.