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I view the practice of law as much more than preparing briefs, taking depositions and heading to court. At its very heart, the practice of law is about helping people who have problems.

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In situations involving personal injury and medical malpractice law, lives have been forever changed due to the careless conduct of another person or corporation. As a lawyer representing individuals and families, my job is much more than simply to evaluate the case from an intellectual perspective, my job truly get to know these individuals and families so I can most effectively represent them and convey their situation to a decision maker in their case— be it an insurance adjuster, judge or jury.

Medical Negligence, Nursing Home Abuse, Wrongful Death Matters

Jonathan Rosenfeld Injury LawyerLegal terminology has little meaning to the individuals whom have been harmed by another’s conduct- nor should it. As an advocate for families coping with a loss, it is my job to shoulder the responsibility of identifying the unique considerations to their particular case and take the necessary steps towards pursuing the case in the most advantageous manner possible for my client.

Cases Do Not Resolve Themselves

Serious injury cases require a substantial commitment of time and energy on the part of the lawyer representing the family. For life changing accidents there is no such thing as over-preparation. The success of many cases is determined by how resources are strategically deployed during the phases of an injury case.

I frequently find myself drawing upon my life experiences as a father, husband, and grandchild when families have had their world shaken due to a severe injury, abuse or death. These life experiences remind me that my cases involve more than money- they involve people who’ve been harmed and truly need help.

In addition to recovering millions of dollars on behalf of my clients, my successful representation of clients has indirectly made life safer for others as companies and health care providers have changed their practices after being taken to task. My success has allowed to speak to patient advocacy groups for seniors and parents of disabled children about how they can take a proactive approach to their safety.

A Commitment To Clients

Despite all the technological advancements that have taken place in the legal field, personal injury law is still very much about people. As a lawyer, I have sadly witnesses other attorneys ignore clients or pass them along to other support staff. Clients simply deserve better. By employing a truly hands-on approach to cases, I find that it serves both the client and myself better as we inherently develop a mutual respect that important to have during periods of litigation.

If I cannot handle a particular matter myself, I am blessed to have developed a group of trusted attorneys whom I am glad to call friends. Many of these counselors I have known in a professional and personal capacity and would not hesitate to suggest to a close friend or family member.

I am proud to be a personal injury lawyer and vow to work on cases with professionalism, integrity and hard work.

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