Do You Make These 20 Common Law Firm SEO Mistakes?

As a digital marketer that analyzes hundreds of law firm websites every year, there are certain problems that come up more often than others. I decided to take some time to put together a list of the 20 most common SEO mistakes I see in the legal industry. My hope is that by knowing and understanding these common mistakes, your online marketing strategy will be strengthened and your business will grow to new heights! One quick word of warning: If you’re just getting started promoting your own … [Read more…]

Is Not Participating in Social Media a Liability?

Is Not Participating in Social Media a Liability? By non attorney contributor, Neil Ferree: Hey all your attorneys trying to figure how to reach clients and others in need of legal assistance.  Things have changed a lot. And if your not social, your probably in trouble. Case in point,iIf you fast forward to 2:02 in this Lexis Nexis video from Legal Tech NY and if you agree with Steve Fairley’s assertion “you’re being penalized by Google by not participating in social media” then I suspect you … [Read more…]

Have You Hit A Plateau In Your Internet Marketing Strategy?

I first want to thank the Circle of Legal Trust, and Michael Ehline in particular, for letting me be part of the group and contribute to this site. For me, the Circle has been a valuable camaraderie and platform for exchanging ideas with attorneys interested in having more control over their own search marketing. I’m convinced that being as involved as possible in your own internet marketing is the best way to be successful online and I hope my article can help contribute in some … [Read more…]

Domain Service Scams: An SEO Saga and Tutorial

This is reprinted from my blog. It’s part of an SEO 101 kind of piece, so the COLT originals won’t get much other than amusement out of it. For SEO newcomers, though, it should help readers come to grips with the basics. The story thus far: Last week, I got a letter in the mail from Domain Registry of America. It’s an official-looking letter, and opens with the following: “As a courtesy to domain name holders, we are sending you this notification of the domain name registration that is due … [Read more…]