6 SEO Strategies for New Lawyer Websites

The author’s views are entirely his or her own and may not reflect the views of Cirlce of Legal Trust. New websites need a lot of attention to start ranking well in search.  A new domain is not trusted by Google and is typically buried deep in search results to start.  It takes time to build up the authority on any website but here are the key activities lawyers should be doing first. Submit site to Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster Tools Google and other search engines will … [Read more…]

Penguin, Lawyers and the New SEO Landscape

Lawyers Beware – The Penguins Are Coming The field of search engine optimization for lawyers has shifted rapidly over the last five years. Google’s continuous updates have changed the ability for businesses and legal sites to gain more traction. A significant trend has been for Google to look more closely at sites with mobile capabilities. Hence, this is increasing as much of the web is changing to HTML 5 and many sites are becoming more tablet-friendly. For competitive legal websites, … [Read more…]

What is Rank Brain: Everything Attorneys Need to Know

The author’s views are entirely his or her own and may not reflect the views of Cirlce of Legal Trust. What is Rank Brain: Everything Attorneys Need to Know In 2015 Google revealed that a part of its algorithm known as Rank Brain was quickly becoming responsible for a lot of activity in ranking search results.  It is now one of the three most important ranking factors[1] for web pages (the other two being content and links).  So how does Rank Brain impact attorney’s SEO efforts?  Here’s … [Read more…]

Building Meaningful and Effective Web Content

While nearly every law firm has a website now, there is still a substantial disconnect regarding the scope of such a site and how it should be run. Many firms simply outsource the task resulting in the most bare-bones, boring site imaginable. There is little interactivity or navigability with respect to site architecture as well. Content used to be king, along with a lot of great backlinks. Now great content is just part of the ranking brain game. In the age of Google and discerning clients, … [Read more…]

Facebook Facing Off Against Google, Which One Will be Better for your Law Offices?

So before we go into this, I wanted to just point out that if Google had in its power to white-list certain websites it liked from the deleterious effects of Penguin other algorithms, then doesn’t that mean that Google never needed a Penguin? Couldn’t they have just built an algorithm that gave no value to links and content it felt was bad, instead of using Penguin, for example to destroy your online presence? In other words, couldn’t Google have just let a bad link be neutral? Many lawyers … [Read more…]

The First Happy Penguin Update From Google Might Be Coming Soon

Many attorneys I have met were victims of Penguin in April of 2012. They were told that Google was not penalizing them, but “improving search,” by hurting sites that had too many exact match anchors, or if the links pointing to their sites looked suspicious. So just the Penguin became a sort of tax on your productivity, with the payment made being loss of ranking, income and work productivity, chasing, disavowing and removing links you “thought” Google might not like. Now we are being told … [Read more…]

Lawyers, Websites and Keywords – The Hummingbird Must Be Fed Carefully

The need for internet marketing is second to none in the modern economy. Falling behind in the recent trends and ability to use the market to your advantage could leave attorneys, especially those with lower profiles, in the dust. Many attorneys may think that internet marketing is a relatively straightforward process, such as conventional marketing used for years. However, the modern use of SEO and other platforms leave a tricky situation that can leave law firms without called or even … [Read more…]

All That You Need To Know About Google’s Penguin Update And Its Effects On Legal Websites

The work of an online search engine might seem very easy to a layman because it does nothing more than searching links and putting them on many pages. However, that’s just as wrong as you can get about search engines. There is a lot that needs to be done when running a search engine – managing such huge amount of data is just one part of it. A search engine constantly needs to work on methods it uses to put the searched websites on its search results in a particular order. Are these results … [Read more…]

Google Changes How “Quality” is Assessed Again?

Google finally confirmed that it has changed how quality is assessed in ranking after webmasters began noticing the difference. Since the beginning of the month the change in assessing quality by Google has been taking place Google has confirmed after an update called “The Quality Update.” Much debate was going on at the Las Vegas Convention over whether this was “Mobilegeddon,” or some other phantom update bundled together with the mobile algo burn in. Some lawyers noticed negative changes … [Read more…]

To Remove, or Disavow? That is the Question

The recent comments by Josh Bachynski in a recent video below, where he was found saying that Google’s disavowal tool alone cannot help websites get better in ranking has made many SEO professionals and web solution providers a little worried. After all, they had been long waiting for a tool for disavowing the links and now that it had finally arrived there was someone telling them that it wouldn’t be any good if used as the only way of improving the ranks. For those who don’t know much about … [Read more…]