How are people using Google Plus Hangouts?

There are 2 main types that involve video… Hangout Video Calls and Hangouts on Air. We’ll discuss the use cases for both and see the pros and cons of each. Lawyers can use both types for their business. How each are used will vary on the purpose of the video call. Do you want it for a specific group of people and to keep if private? Or do you want it to be seen by as many people as possible? The answer will adjust the tactics. If you go for the public Hangouts on Air (HOA) model, then … [Read more…]

Best Lawyer Videos Part II – Negligence and SSDI Law

Adding video to your attorney website , blog, or as a stand alone is another piece in the puzzle of attorney marketing. What is really remarkable is when you see it in organic search. The previous blog post looked at two videos and requested comments. My overall comment is that you need to tell a story of how you solved a client’s problem or you need to give something of value. And do it in two minutes or less. Currently I have developed videos that have links to an offer of free content. I … [Read more…]

Best Law Video – General Personal Injury

Which video do you like better?  The Miller and Zois, or Ehline Law Firm PC video?  Which one holds your attention, which one would call you to action to learn more from one or the other attorney? You can answer the poll by checking the boxes in the lower section of the this poll! Example A: Example B: Other: (Link to it via comments section below) Tell us why you like one over another, and tips you think can help us with more social reach. … [Read more…]

How Videos Get To Page 1 On Google Organic Search

Would you like to get a video you created to page 1 on Google in organic search? I pretty much stumbled and bumbled (as Cris Berman would say) onto this. Remember I’m talking about organic search and not search under videos.                    Create Your Own You Tube Channel The first thing you need to do is create a youtube channel. Your channel name should include what you want to be found for as well as your name. I called my page Anthony Castelli Cincinnati Ohio Personal Injury Attorney. … [Read more…]