Where Fault Lies in Animal Injuries

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Dog bite liability

Dog attack cases

The ability to own a pet, especially one that could be a danger to the public, is a special privilege. These trusted companions are often around for the growth of a new family and to provide comfort for people throughout their lives. However, some pets and other owned animals have been known for causing significant disruption and even an injury like those discussed here. When an animal does cause such an accident, who bears the brunt of the responsibility?

California Animal Negligence Law

California is clear about who is responsible for the animal’s behavior. If a dog bites a child or a cow enters into a road and is struck, the owner is usually considered responsible. Their negligence created the situation that led to injury and often can be held to account in court. This can be seen in California animal law, which states in part that owners “shall not willfully or negligently permit any of the livestock to stray upon, or remain unaccompanied by a person in charge or control of the livestock upon, a public highway” if it can be avoided. Further law makes it clear that the owner is the most commonly at-fault party in an accident such as this.

Furthermore, this issue is similar in cases of animals biting others. If an animal, often a dog is involved in such an altercation, California law also states that the owner takes primary responsibility for such an event. In either case, these laws and case precedent shows the incredible responsibility that a person undertakes when they take on any type of animal. Their proper care and control can make the difference between a severe bite injury or car accident.

If you have been involved in an accident or animal attack due to such a circumstance, the need for an attorney that understands California law and the responsibilities of the animal owner is clear. Ehline Law’s reputation in Southern California has been built upon their victories for injury victims and in making sure that justice is done.

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